You know how in most fantasy stories you get to meet kings and queens, high priests or an unsuspecting child that turns out to be the heir to the throne of the most powerful kingdom?  You know what I’m talking about. They are the ones who drive the story events by making important decisions that usually affect thousands of people in their fictional universe. But how do all those people live their daily lives? What does life look like for the common man or woman? What is life like for ex soldiers and their children? I am always interested in lives of common citizens or a soldier who is not a general, but some poor schmuck acting on orders that are likely to get him killed. Those kinds of characters inhabit the world of Lowborn. Sure, some Lowborn characters are important in their communities and decide for the community, like the village elders. Not every character is just some average villager, but those who are in important positions earned them bottom up. Also, some characters used to be high-born, members of important families, but now those days are gone. What does a life look like for someone who grew up rich, but now shares the destiny of street beggars? You will find those kinds of characters in the Lowborn world. You will find many others, like the body burners, dung collectors and… Well, let’s not give it all away, right? Read about them in the characters list and also in the trilogy and short story sections. While you’re at it, why don’t you grab a FREE story by joining the newsletter?


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