The Trilogy

SHARP EDGE OF FEAR (Lowborn Book 1) (seeking representation)

SARA is a strong-willed woman living on an island dominated by aging war veterans who get on her nerves. As if life in a patriarchal community wasn′t hard enough, Sara loses her daughter UNA to a group of kidnappers. The island Council convenes the following morning, but spends more time discussing rumours of war and analysing what it might mean for the village, than dealing with Sara’s problem, so she organizes a search party. Her goal is to reach the town of Bao-zhen in time for the famous slave fair, where Una is likely to turn up. The council gives her only one man, a local veteran SIGUR, to serve as a guide. The other two companions that join her are her husband MORGAN and GUSTAVO, her former lover and Morgan’s best friend. Gustavo is a son of a village elder who doesn’t live up to the expectations of his father. Unhappy with his life, he dreams of something different. He feels compelled to help, because he still has feelings for Sara and feels guilty for sleeping with her behind his best friend’s back.

FOUL SMELL OF WAR BEASTS (Lowborn Book 2) (outlining)

SARA is stuck in Bao-zhen with an invading army just around the corner. What will she do?

EVIL EYE OF IMMORTALITY (Lowborn Book 3) (outlining)

The Great Army causes havoc across the world. Survival is reserved for the ruthless.

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