About BD

BD Fiala is an author of dark and epic fantasy stories who currently lives in Europe. He'd love to say that he published his first novel, but to this day (Nov 19th, 2020) he hasn't. He is the author of the Lowborn Trilogy. One book was written, two are in the planning phase.

BD spent his childhood dreaming and making up stories, watching westerns, and reading books and comics. He loved the Grimm brothers, Beetlejuice and dark humour. He drew comics as a child and tried writing (and failed) many different novels.

In everyday life, he holds a day job that involves a lot of dealing with people. Not only because of COVID but also because he is not a social butterfly type of person, in his free time he prefers spending time alone or with a selected few. At home, he is far more distracted by music, tv-series and various articles that he can find on the internet than he'd like to be. Currently seeking representation and investigating self-publishing options. As of recently, he finally started writing short stories set in the world of Lowborn.


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